Addition Equation

Subjects: Math
Grades: 1 - 1
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1. Unpacking Lesson Objective
Unpacking- First graders use their understanding of and strategies related to addition and subtraction in 1OA4 and 1OA6 to solve equations with an unknown. Rather than symbols, the unknown symbols are boxes or pictures.
*Let’s use boxes for unknowns as this prepares them for 2nd grade and up.
*count on using number lines, cubes, ten frames, and/or drawing circles
Common Core Standards:
2. Application Problem
(They will work equations but we need to present our equations as word/story problems so it will set a situation for them. It will help them when they get to doing word/story problems later.)
Jim had 4 pumpkins. His dad gave him some more. Now he has 9 pumpkins. How many did his dad give him?
4 + = 9
Jeremy had 7 cups of Kool-Aid at his Grandma’s house. He drank 4 more at home. How many cups of Kool-Aid did he drink?
7 + 4 =
Common Core Standards:
3. Criteria for Sucess
Criteria for Success:
Read the equation.
Fill in the knowns
Find the unknown
4. Teaching Plans for GRR
Teaching Plans for GRR
I do:
I do: We have learned how addition and subtraction are related. Today, we will continue to use the number bond to show how to find not just missing sums in a number sentence, but missing addends too.
Example: Use the number bond to show the following problem.
5 + ____ = 12 Five would go on the bottom and 12 at the top. Show students how to count-up from 5 to 12 (start with 5 and get to 12) using cubes. How many cubes did you use to count-up? This is the missing addend. Now we know that 5+7=
5. Materials Needed
Materials Needed:
Task: Unknown Number Flip Cards (there are addition and subtraction, but today you will only use the addition cards)
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