Addition Equations Day 2

Subjects: Math
Grades: 1 - 1
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1. Unpacking
Teaching Point:
I can find unknowns in addition equations by using number bonds.
*Use the number line
Determine the unknown whole number in an addition or subtraction equation relating three whole numbers.
Unpacking - First graders use their understanding of and strategies related to addition and subtraction in 1OA4 and 1OA6 to solve equations with an unknown. Rather than symbols, the unknown symbols are boxes or pictures.
*Let’s use boxes for unknowns as this prepares them for 2nd grade and up.
*count on using number lines, cubes, ten frames, and/or drawing circles
Common Core Standards:
2. Application Problem
Problem Set:
Application Problem:
April has 10 board games. She bought 6 more at a yard sale. How many board games does she have now?
10 + 6 =
Thomas is collecting boxes to build a fort. He has 8 boxes. His mom said he need 13 boxes to make the fort. How many more boxes does he need to collect?
8 + = 13
3. Teaching Plans for GRR
I do: Show students the problem 4 + ___ = 9 Remind them how we solved this type of problem yesterday using the number bond and counting-up with cubes. Today, they will continue to solve these types of missing addend problems, but with the number line. Solve the example problem by finding 4 on the number line and counting-up to 9. How many hops did you make on the number line? This is the missing addend. Now we know that 4+5=9 b/c we made 5 hops to get to 9.
4. Criteria for Success
1. Read the equation.
2. Fill in the knowns
3. Find the unknown
5. Materials Needed
Task: Unknown Number Flip Cards (there are addition and subtraction, but today you will only use the addition cards)
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