Everything is Awesome! - Lego Movie

Work Experience

Learning Counsel CEO and Founder Knowstory 2013 - Present

I started with a mission to bring order to schools and districts understanding what will happen with curriculum as it goes fully digital. Getting on the road and seeing thousands of educators across an average of 30 cities a year, has been a great honor. My team has helped many educators think about their transformation, how they will change both behavior and the delivery mechanism of learning.

Learning History

Sacramento State University 1984 - 1989

Ruled debate, and poetry. Took some wrong classes of upper level Psychology I wasn't supposed to be in because I had a lame counselor...

Bemidji High School 1980 - 1984

Totally rocked the debate team.

McClatchy High School 1983 - 1984

Visiting student in California

My Story

My favorite educational experience was being on the Debate team in both High School and College. Having to do a lot of hand research, reason through arguments, and present for either side of any topic, taught me the most valuable lesson -- that all views have an opposing view and there is "right" in both sides to defend. This was excellent training for life and for leading.
I am always interested in researching the Education market and its dynamics, and continue to learn a lot from this work.
"Look, don't listen," is one of my mottos.


Digital curriculum aspects and characteristics. What's working, what's cool, and more. What kind of model architecture is necessary to help schools be able to function with all the various digital things they have. People who are App gurus., Gluten-Free cooking.