COMIC Life 3
Make it Your Story
Owner: Vikki Walker
Subject: Language
Topic: Cross Curriculare-Creative Writing, History, Science, Critical Thinking
Content type: Learning Object
Platform: Android, Apple OS, Windows
Price: $29.99
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Educators in more than 80 countries have discovered Comic Life is an excellent complement to their lesson plans for beginning and intermediate readers and writers.
Comic Life is perfect for engaging reluctant readers and teaching visual literacy. Easy to learn and fun to use, Comic Life is a great tool for any student.
As a fundamentally visual medium comics provide scaffolding for students, bringing together visual and text based learning. Students can create a one page comic illustrating a concept or a more complex multipage storyline in Comic Life. Incorporating photos and drawings to their narratives is a fun way for students to cement narrative arcs, demonstrate understanding and be creative!
Comic Life is play that works
Comics are great intermediate step to more complex concepts, and creating comics in Comic Life is so easy it feels like a game! Students can use templates to get started and are free to create using their own images. Play is important to education, and Comic Life is a flexible tool that can fit into nearly any lesson plan.
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Fit to Standards
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