Powerful Visual Communication Made Easy
Owner: Vikki Walker
Subject: Math, Science, English, Foreign Language, History
Topic: Digital Storytelling
Content type: Learning Object, Courseware
Grades: 1 - 12
Ages: 5 - 18
Platform: Android, Apple OS, Web Based
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At the heart of Storyboard That is our incredibly powerful, yet easy to use storyboard creator
Extensive Image Library
Choosing the right images makes a storyboard pop and come together!
Posable Characters and Scenes from Ancient Greece to the Space Age
Millions of Creative Commons Photos
Need more? Upload your own
Flexible Layouts
Every story is unique and choosing the right layout goes a long way.
Optional Title and Descriptions
6 Layout Choices: Classic, T-Charts, Grids, Frayer Models, Spider Maps & Timelines
Up to 100 cells per storyboard
Intuitive and Simple
Our creator was designed to be used by all audiences, not just professional artists.
Drag and Drop Interface
No Software to Download
Create your first storyboard in minutes
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For: Institutions
Type: Core
Fit to Standards
Good Design
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Fit to Standards
Good Design